Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Busy Before Holiday

Lots of things to get done before I head to Las Vegas on the 16th. Will be seeing Cheap Trick perform the Beatles Sgt Pepper album and am very much looking forward to it. Am seeing two performances! Yeah, I love Cheap Trick ;-)

More items added to Artfire and Etsy, several new earrings, Jens Pind and Byzantine combinations.

New business cards have been shipped and I'm looking forward to their arrival. Hopefully will arrive before I fly off to Vegas!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Busy Summer

Well, summer has been and gone, what little we had of it here in Toronto. It's now Labour Day weekend and wouldn't you know, the weather is gorgeous. Could have used this weather a lot more in the past two months!
Have been creating items for my two shops, Etsy and Artfire.
Have uploaded new items to Artfire and will upload to Etsy over the week.
My favourite new items are a pair of earrings made with the chainmaille pattern Jens Pind which have Lt Amethyst Swarovski crystals dangling on
the end. I think they are just so pretty and might have to make them up with a few more Swarovski colours. The other item which is gorgeous is a sterling silver bracelet made with 19g wire and woven in the Full Persian pattern. It's full name is Full Persian 6 in 1 but it's also known as Foxtail because of the appearance of the weave.

More items are available in my shops!