Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Inspirations!

On Friday I found out that the Toronto Jewellery Gem and Mineral Show was going to be held just 10 minutes walk from where I live. Heaven! Went in Saturday and fell for some gorgeous glass, lampwork beads that one designer was selling. One set was cranberry glass and the other was a purple/green lampwork, slightly floral looking. Immediately thought the purple/green beads would look fabulous with some dark amethyst beads. Went home and starting creating!
Two bracelets were created from the cranberry glass beads, both with sterling silver. One is a byzantine weave and the other I matched the beads with tiny stamped barrel beads, and I mean tiny!
The other bracelet was the purple/green lampwork beads which did indeed look amazing with amethyst beads, added a bit of sterling silver for some accent and voila, bling!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

New Items

I've added two new items to my store, well, one to Etsy and one to Artfire, have to spread the wealth ;-)

They are both sterling silver earrings done in chainmaille weaves. The one at Etsy was created in the Full Persian weave and I've added a Swarovski pearl to dangle from the end.

The earrings at Artfire were created using the Boxchain or Queens maille pattern. Boxchain does describe the look of the earrings but Queens maille just sound so much nicer.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

New Items!

I've just added my first items to my new shop at

My shop located here and I've added a pair of sterling silver earrings done using the Mobius Flower pattern of chainmaille. The other item is a sterling silver bracelet with a Swarovski Cosmic Ring Crystal. The chainmaille pattern for the bracelet is Wiggly Chain.

Check them out!

Friday, April 10, 2009


Well, I've just joined Twitter but not sure what the heck I'm doing! My good friend Ioan, one half of the fabulous UK based photography business Celynnen Photography, has persuaded me to sign up. Though I'm not sure why people actually Twitter, it's all new to me. I'm sure he'll tell me!

I can be found at twitter@lasuzcreations

Friday, April 3, 2009

It's Been Too Long

I can't believe how many months have passed since I last posted. I was busy planning and working out for a climb up Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania which I did in February. That plus a safari took up most of February and coming back to work, the one that pays the bills, found us in a new part of the building and with a new schedule. I'm only now coming to grips with the schedule which consists of mostly evening shifts. Finding it hard to get myself out of bed in the morning in order to create jewelry!

But here I am, with the tumbler running in the kitchen, back blogging. I've just coiled some new rings, sterling silver and gold-filled, and they are being work hardened as I write so that I can cut them later on. Three sizes of rings so I can create lots of different items with different patterns.

I did create a new bracelet using the chainmaille Wiggly Chain pattern. It's a pretty easy pattern once you've learned it and I combined a Swarovski Cosmic Ring in the pattern for a bit of sparkle.

Stay tuned for more creations!