Monday, July 28, 2008

My First Post!

Well, I've finally joined the community of bloggers with the encouragement of my friend Ioan who persuaded me that it will help to bring exposure to my new jewelry business.

I started making jewelry in 2006 after my lovely friend Diane showed me the ins and outs of designing and creating jewelry. She took me to my first bead show and I was hooked from that point.

I started my business in 2007 after my first designs were tested on friends and relatives as gifts for Christmas 2006. Their reactions pushed me to open Lasuz Creations. In case you're wondering, Lasuz is a combination of my first two names, Laura Suzanne.

I have been lucky enough, so far, to sell my creations at my full-time job at Global TV in Toronto. Several colleagues have purchased items and I really have to thank Susan Hay, Christina Stevens and Allison Vuchnich for purchasing and even wearing my designs on-air.

I have recently started selling my jewelry online at a fantastic website which is for business which focus on handmade items of all kinds, My store is located at

The picture is one of my creations and are Byzantine Rose earrings which are made using the chainmaille design called.......Byzantine Rose ;-) Chainmaille designs consist of jump rings which are individually opened and closed together in various different designs. It can be quite time-consuming but the final results are always worth it.

Well, that's my first post, will update periodically.



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