Sunday, August 17, 2008

Trial and Tribulations of Jumprings

Well, I had my first attempt at making jumprings using a saw. I think that it is not the way to go for me as my hand started cramping up, and it was only a coil a few inches long. Will probably go a more automated route in making the jumprings and use a cutter.

I did tumble the jumprings that did make the grade, and didn't have excess saw cuts on them. They came up nice and shiny :-) Am so happy I purchased the tumbler, it makes such a difference to the look of your sterling silver. Made up a few earwires while I was at it and tumbled them too. Also managed to make up four new pairs of earrings and hope to post those soon. The unfortunate thing is my good camera has gone on the blink :-( Not sure what the problem is but I will have to take it in and have it looked at. I really don't want to be purchasing a new camera just yet.

Sold a rose and clear quartz necklace to the other day. She's a co-anchor on Global TV's Newshour at 6 pm. She's promised to let me take a photo of her on the anchor desk when she's wearing it so I can post it on here.

Have just ordered business cards so hope to have those in a few weeks to hand out.

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